The present document ‘Confidentiality policy’ (hereinafter ‘The policy’) lays down the rules this website administration (hereinafter ‘The administration’) follows when using the data of internet users (hereinafter ‘The users’), which is collected through the website (hereinafter ‘The site’).

1. The used data.
All data collected on the site are provided and accepted in an anonymized form (hereinafter ‘The data’).
The data may contain the following:
– name, telephone number, e-mail address, if you personally indicated them using online forms and software modules;
– data transmitted in a general way or automatically depending on settings of the software you use. Such as IP-address, browser type, time of query, etc.

2. Use of data.
The administration may use the data received from the user for the following purposes:
– for communication with the user, including personal messages;
– for marketing, statistical and other research;
– for target advertising material on our site.

3. Data protection
The administration protects the data and takes proper measures against unsanctioned access to them.

4. Data transfer
The administration of the site does not transfer, exchange or sell personal data received from the users except for the following cases:
– on decision of a court of law or another authorized state organ in accordance with a proper lawful procedure;
– to protect legal rights and interests of the administration;
– to discover or prevent fraud’
– to eliminate technical malfunctions in operation of the site.

5. Changing the confidentiality policy
This policy may be changed or terminated by the administration unilaterally without prior notification of the user. A new wording of the policy comes in force from the moment of its publication on the site if other is not specified in the new policy.

6. Acceptance of the confidentiality policy.
A new user when registering on the site immediately accepts the policy.