Energetic adaptogen ENERGY

//Energetic adaptogen ENERGY

Energetic adaptogen ENERGY


Powerful energy tonic and biostimulator for the whole body with rehabilitation effect on all muscles, joints, vessels, cardiovascular and central nervous system.

Formula: extraction of green tea, antlers of Altai Siberian stag.

50 caps per package Improves immunity Made of only natural components Promotes the proper functioning of the nervous system Heart health prevention Promotes Fat Burning Powerful energy tone and biostimulator Improves the potency of men and the sexual desire of women



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The unossified antlers of Alatai red deer make one feel fully vigorous even after exhausting exercise and permit raising the load. The antlers’ energy improves sexual potency of men and sexual desire of women, keeping healthy the reproductive system of both partners.
Gallocatechins of green tea produce antioxidant and fat burning effects. Gallocatechins make the body expend energy by consuming more nutrients, mostly fats and carbs and then replenish it to achieve slimming effect while filling every cell of the body with energy.

Form of issue: capgels, 50 pieces in a package
Instruction for use: EENERGY has an accumulation effect. It may be taken as pre-training complex (energy drink) once when needed. Or as an adaptogen in courses of 25 days.
As an adaptogen, it is taken in a course of 25 days, 2 capsules in the first half of the day.

The product corresponds to documented requirements.

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