Chondroprotector HONDRO

//Chondroprotector HONDRO

Chondroprotector HONDRO


This chondroprotector accelerates generation of cartilaginous tissue after injury, relieves inflammation and pain, and prevents micro-trauma of joints under exertion.

Formula: glucosamine sulphate, chondroitin sulphate, methylsulfonylmethane, silicon chelate, hyaluronic acid.

Glucosamine sulphate 123 mg
Chondroitin sulphate 123 mg
Methylsulfonylmethane (МSМ) 61,4 mg
Hyaluronic acid 12,2 mg
Silicon chelate 20,4 mсg

*per one capsule

70 caps per package lucosamine Сера ChondroIt is the building material for your cartilage and connective tissue. It is made on the basis of exclusively natural components. Promotes the renewal and restoration of connective tissue and cartilage. It has a preventive effect



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The basis of the preparation contains chondroitin sulphate, glucosamine sulphate and hyaluronic acid – the building blocks for cartilage and tissues. These substances are part of cartilaginous tissue and their additional intake speed up recuperation after injury.

Hyaluronic acid acts as a catalyst of all processes and locks in moisture in connecting tissues and cartilage. It conducts liquids and nutrients.

The formula includes methylsulfonylmethane (МSМ) which is a biologically available sulphur coompound. Sulphur takes part in formation of collage and its lack prevents regeneration of ligaments and muscle. When MSM is available in injured tissue the latter activates immunoglobulins (antibodies) that eliminate the cause of inflammation.

Biologically friendly silicon is a catalyst of assimilation and at the same time raises bioavailability of main components of HONDRO.
Form of issue: gelcaps, 70 pieces in a package
Instruction for use: First two weeks – 2 caps once a day. 1 caps a day ovr 6 weeks. Recommended course is 8 weeks.

The product corresponds to documented requirements.

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