Natural antioxidant CURCUMIN

//Natural antioxidant CURCUMIN

Natural antioxidant CURCUMIN


Natural vegetational preparation having a wide range of benefits from enhancing immunity to accelerating metabolism.
Formula: turmeric, gelcap (300 mgr).

60 caps per packeage

Increases immunity

has a preventive effect

Restores methabolism

Promotes the renewal and restoration of connective tissue and cartilage.Made of natural components


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– Curcumine is an excellent agent fighting joint ailments. It eases
inflammation and pain due to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial

properties, which is of great import for sportspeople and the elderly.
– accelerating metabolism.
– improving immunity.
– producing hepatoprotection effect.
– a natural antioxidant.
– improving digestion.
– helps fight excessive cholesterol.
Сurcumine, thanks to a special mode of production, has a high availability index for maximum extraction of nutrients from food.
Form of issue: gelcaps, 60 pieces in a package.
Intake instructions: take with food 1 piece twice a day over 30 days.


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