Protein cocktail WHEY

//Protein cocktail WHEY

Protein cocktail WHEY


The ‘WHEY’ protein consists of two forms of serous protein. It has a wide range of irreplaceable amino acids and a high index of uptake.
Formula: isolate of serous protein, concentrate of serous protein, stevia sweetener, coffee flavor (ethereal oils, extraction of flavor and aroma of coffee beans) /ice cream flavor (ethereal oils, extraction of flavor and aroma of apricot), vanilla/strawberry flavor (ethereal oils, extraction of strawberry)/milk chocolate flavor (ethereal oils, extraction of cocoa beans).
P – 24 gr.
F – 2.1 gr.
C – 4.3 gr.

24gr protein per portion 2,1 gr of fats per portion 4.3 gr of carbs per portion Only natural aromatics May replace one meal Stevia except sugar Gains muscles Only natural components

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The serous protein ‘WHEY’ is the source of high uptake protein and it also stimulates its own synthesis. It is perfect for consumption right after physical exercise as it stimulates rehabilitation after exertion and promotes muscle growth.
Its formula includes nothing but natural extractions and ingredients with no synthetic favors or aromatic additives. This ensures absence of food stressors. The sweetening agent is extraction from stevia, which has zero calories and does not raise the level of blood glucose.

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