Protein cocktail


Protein cocktail


This is the optimal choice for sportsmen aiming to increase their muscle mass and burn excess fat. One portion of JN POWER gives you a highly balance mix of required nutrients.

Formula: lacteous caseic protein, serous protein, citrus fiber, coffee flavor (aromatic oils, coffee bean flavor extraction), or ice cream flavor (aromatic oils, apricot flavor extraction), vanilla, chelate silicon (bio-friendly silicon of vegetable origin), stevia sweetener, water-soluble silicon.
One portion (30 gr) contains:
Calories: 137 kcal
Protein: 23gr
Fat: 2,1gr
Carbohydrates: 2gr

23gr of proteing per portion 2.1gr of fat per portion 2gr of carbs per portion Contains Citrus Fiber Exceptionally Natural Flavors May replace one meal Natural and Safe Stevia Sweetener Indispensable for gaining muscle mass. Contains a catalyst for the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Enhances the action of vitamins and minerals from both a cocktail and those obtained with food.

It is made on the basis of exclusively natural components.



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The cocktail includes a fast assimilated serous protein with a high availability index (up to 60%) and casein that keeps us a high level of amino acids in blood of sportsmen over 6-8 hours. The protein contains so-called branched amino acids and leucine actively stimulating protein synthesis. It is this very process that accelerates muscle growth and expulses fat deposits.

It contains only natural extractions and ingredients without any synthetic flavoring additives. This allows the body avoid food stress. The sweetening agent is extraction of stevia that has no calories and produces no effect on the glucose level in blood. Besides that, stevia improves immunity, rejuvenates skin and lowers blood pressure.

Conformity certificate.

Instruction for use: mix two spoonfuls (30 gr) in a shaker with 200-300 ml of milk and drink up. Take 2-3 times a day between main meals and right after exercise.

The product conforms to the requirements of reference documents.

See the certficate

Protein specifications:

Parameter name Value Aminogram (per 100 gr of protein) Value, gr
Water, % ≤5,5 Leucine 10,7
Protein Valine 6,2
Total protein, % 80,3 Alanine 4,9
Animal fat Arginine 2,8
Total fats 7,8 Asparagine acid + asparagine 11,2
Saturated fats, gr/100 gr 4,4 Cysteine 2,2
Glutamic acid + glutamine 16,8
Carbs Glycine 1,7
Total carbs, gr/100 gr 6,6 Histidine 1,6
Lactose, gr/100 gr 5,8 Isoleucine 6,9
Minerals Tyrosine 3
Vitamin А, mcg/100 gr 32 Lysin 8,7
Calcium, mg/100 gr 429 Phenylalanine 3,7
Sodium, mg/100 gr 241 Methionine 2,4
Ferrum, mg/100 gr 0,9 Proline 5,7
Ash, gr/100 gr 2,2 Serine 3,9
Tryptophane 1,6
Threonine 6,1

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