Vitamin and mineral complex VITA

//Vitamin and mineral complex VITA

Vitamin and mineral complex VITA


This preparation makes up for the shortage of vitamins and minerals in the body. It accelerates regeneration of skeletal and soft tissues. It contains silicon in a chelate form that is kept in active state by green tea gallocatechins.
Formula: a complex of chelate microelements, water-soluble silicon, gallocatechins of green tea, water-soluble sulphur.

Vitamin А 4,6 mcg Sulphur 0,5mg
Vitamin Е 5,52 mcg Calcium 0,32 mcg
VitaminС 23,0 mcg Ferrum 0,053 mg
Silicium 660 mсg Phosphorus 0,44 mg
Vitamin В2 0,23 mcg Potassium 1,68 mg
Vitamin PP 2,3 mcg Magnesium 0,2mg
Vitamin B1 25,3 mcg Sodium 2,99 mg
Vitamin B6 5,75 mcg
Vitamin B9 10,58 mcg

120 capsules per package

VITA has chelated form

Catalizes uptake

Increase immunity

Has a preventive effect

Restores methabolism

Promotes the renewal and restoration of connective tissue and cartilage.Only natural components


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VITA may be used for restoration after injuries as it speeds up tissue regeneration due to organic chelate silicon components extracted from germ films of grain. On top of that, the agent has a range of useful characteristics. Its intake helps overcome:

– body deficits arising from inadequate volumes of nutrients in food;
– vascular protection. Additional introduction of silicon into body interrupts formation of atherosclerotic plaque for healthy function of blood vessels;
– strengthening of skeletal and soft tissues;
– faster regeneration;
– enhanced immunity. Organic compounds of silicon in liquid environment of human body can ‘glue up’ viruses such as hepatitis, flu, herpes, fungi, pathogenic microorganisms and exteriorize them via the natural way;
– facilitates uptake of over 70 kinds of nutrients due to a higher penetration level of the cell membrane;
– strengthening of nails and hair, higher skin elasticity.

Form of issue: capsule, 120 pieces in a package
Instruction for use: As prophylactic agent, 1 gelcap twice a day 30 minutes before a meal over 30 days. At initial symptoms of avitaminosis (fatigue, degradation of skin, hair, nails, etc) the intake is 2 gelcaps twice a day over 30 days. For critical conditions requiring tissue regeneration (bone fractures, torn ligaments, bursitis, arthrosis) 4 gelcaps twice a day are taken 30 minutes before a meal over 1 – 2 month periods.

The product corresponds to documented requirements.

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