Siberian Organic Nutrition presents products that complement personal nutrition turning it into a fully balanced ration while raising the natural consumption of nutrients from common food products.

The way it works.
We draw on discoveries of Siberian scientists that have developed totally new preparations satiating the body with silicon. These are based on the unique production technology of silicon chelates that activate cellular membrane permeability for better assimilation of useful microelements. They also act as a powerful symbiotic promptly activating the natural immunity.

What problems are resolved.
The products by Siberian Organic Nutrition help restore the balance of vitamins and microelements, improve immunity, produce antioxidant and antiviral effects, ensure protection and regeneration of joints and connective tissues in general, induce vigor and energy, and help form a full-fledged diet.

The picture presents the food pyramid developed by the Harvard school of public health
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What is a balanced diet?

The balanced diet is a complex of and macro-elements required for normal life-sustaining activity of the organism. Each nutrient it contains performs its function. It seldom is one function but several at a time.

What if nutrition is lacking something?
The captain Obvious tells us that if a nutrient is absent in food its functions are not performed.
But the human body is miraculously effectively designed. It may live long without displaying its deficiency in many vitamins and minerals. Weakness, fatigue, bad mood, dull skin and hair color, frequent colds, traumas and long recuperation aren’t taken in consideration. Until the safety buffer lasts and there is a serious breakdown.

Why don’t we eat rationally if it so important?

Who controls one’s diet for minimal levels of essential elements? Very few!

But even this type of control is hardly effective.
To calculate the adequacy of the diet people often use tables of nutrients contained in food products dating back dozens of years ago to the time when the quality of food products was quite different. Modern ways of growing poultry, meat, grains and vegetables is so intensive from the point of return as to lose track of dangerously low concentration of useful nutrients in finished products.

And even those low levels are not being taken up fully. To say nothing about synthetic vitamins with low biological availability.

How can we improve the situation?

The picture reveals the nutrient content in a daily diet of a person who controls their food intake. The report is made in the online service

Siberian Biotechnologies

In 2011 our company ‘Siberian Biotechnologies’ together with the scientific community of Novosibirsk Academgorodok on the basis of institutes of immunology, clinical and experimental medicine, bioorganic chemistry created and tested the technology of applying bio-friendly silicon (silicon in a chelate form) as an active agent for eliminating deficiency states in humans and animals.

The new technique made possible producing substances that contain silicon in a form that is easily absorbed by organism.

Why silicon?

The invaluable role of silicon in the human body has been studied in the last 40 – 50 years. It turns out that a sufficient level of silicon in the body improves assimilation of other elements: calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sulphur, potassium, alluminium, sodium, etc. It has been established that deficiency in silicon leads to poor or zero assimilation by the body of 75 out of 100 elements. So, when the organism lacks silicon compounds taking much biological additives makes no sense.

This element is needed for maintain robust and elastic connecting tissue. This embraces joints, bones, ligaments, gristle, crystalline lens, skin, vessels, hair, nails, mucous membranes.

Elastic properties of skin, vascular walls, tendons are mostly contingent on silicon compounds they contain. Vascular walls deficient in silicon lose their elasticity. Along with that they are less capable to narrow and expand. Besides, the vascular walls start accumulating calcium salts that further deteriorate their elasticity.

The need for silicon grows with physical overwork, recuperation after injuries and bone fractures. Silicon deficiency is one of the reasons of premature aging. It covers many more essential functions. We have prepared additional brief about the role of silicon in the organism, what causes its deficiency and ways to recover it.

The lower picture lists nutrients that lower assimilation or in some cases are not assimilated at all with shortage of silicon in the human body.

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The bacteria and ‘nutrients’ in the synbiotic LACTO have special protection from gastric acid. The protective protein and polysaccharidic layers ensure that the bacteria get to the intestine alive.

The protective cover melts in the intestinal canal where the beneficial lactic bacteria start to work.

For immunity

It has been known for many years that intestinal microflora takes an active part in gestation of immunity system cells. 70-80% of immune cells reside in the gastrointestinal tract. As of now, scientists believe that the state of GIT and its microflora directly determine the immunity function.

Irregular eating, junk food, inferior quality of common products lead to deterioration of useful intestinal microflora.

This problem gave rise to the discovery of probiotics – a culture of useful bacteria that help restore the microflora balance. Further development led to creation of symbiotices – combinations of several probiotics that efficiently bring the intestine in shape.

Unfortunately, failure to remove the prime causes of the microflora disbalance shortly brings about the death of useful bacteria and deterioration of the microflora composition.

Later research of this issue produced prebiotics – the substances that are not digested by humans but serve as food for the useful bacteria.

But the most staggering of all in terms of restoring intestinal microflora are synbiotics – combinations of probiotics and prebiotics. Thanks to prebiotics the useful bacteria (probiotics) get nutrition in order to repreoduce and normalize the balanced interstinal microflora therby their longevity and beneficial activity.

For joints

Cartilage protector (chondroprotective compound) is a wide group of medical preparations and biological additives that work for restoration of arthrodial cartilage and protect it from possible damage.
There are mono-preparations with a single component – usually chondroitin sulfate or glucosamine. There are also combined preparations – glucosamine along with chondroitin, sometimes together with vitamin E or non-steroid anti-inflammatory agents. A less frequent addition is expensive hyaluronic acid.

‘Siberian Biotechnologies’ on the order of OOO ‘NATIVE’ developed HONDRO — a latest generation cartilage protector with four essential components.

The first is the classical combination of chondroitin and glucosamine.

The second is hyaluronic acid that keeps moisture in connecting tissues, cartilage, ligaments and synovial fluid.
The third component – methylsufonylmethane is a biologically available sulphur compound. Sulphur is essential for collagen that is irreplaceable for elasticity of connecting tissues (muscle and ligaments).

The fourth component, which unique for HONDRO is a bio-friendly silicon indispensable for activating regeneration of connecting tissue. Elastic properties of connecting tissue including arthrodical cartilage are contingent of silicon compounds therein.

*don’t practice autotherapy. In serious cases of joint conditions a doctor prescribes chondroprotectors in conjunction with other therapeutic medication.

Bone ends smoothly slide around each other thanks to covers of sleek shiny gristle greased with synovial fluid. The joint is surrounded by a tight capsule – a joint sack.

The process of gristle degradation may start with excessive loading of joint, trauma, inflammation, too little movement, lack of nutrition for connecting tissue.

Without proper supportive measures further alterations in the joint are accompanied by desiccation and spalling of cartilage tissue.

Siberian red deer (cervus elaphus) that lives in Altai is a type of noble elk. In the wild it is an endangered species. To maintain and protect this type there are special Siberian stag farms.

The most curative effect is produced by unossified antlers of the stag raised in the small area of the Altai republic. There were attempts to grow Siberian stags in other places but the quality of antlers sharply deteriorated.

The photo shows fresh slices of stag antlers that have the highest curative properties.
Innovative technology of Novosibirsk scientists lets preserve the efficiency of this miraculous natural product in the energy tonic ENERGY.

General rehabilitation

Ancient Tibetan and Chinese sources enumerate curative properties of red deer antlers using them for recuperation and preventive cure of over 50 vatious diseases.
Unossified antlers produce general strengthening, tone modulating, conglutinating and anti-inflammatory effect. They raise physical and mental alertness. They raise immunity, lower arterial blood pressure, act as natural antidepressant without being addictive and as a powerful adaptogen (helping the body adapt to new conditions and take in stride difficult changes).

Maximal efficiency is produced by freshly cut antlers. Young unossified antlers of the red deer (Altai Siberian stag) are harvested from May to June during their annual growth season. The procedure that is perfected by today is innocuous and painless for the deer. One stag gives 8-9 kg of antlers.

There are a number of ways of processing to preserve health properties. Vacuum drying, freeze drying at low temperature, open air drying with periodical scalding. ‘Sibeerian Biotechnologies’ applied an innovative technology used for obtaining biofrienbly silicon for processing the antlers of Altai Siberian stag. The antlers are milled in a particular way and then conserved by gallocatechines of the green tea.
Thus, the energy tonic ENERGY was born.

ENERGY boosts strength during stress and physical exertion. It helps adapt to new circumstances. It improves brain activity and rejuvenates the nervous system. It improves the body conditions during seasonal depressions and other similar cases.

To control eating, strength and endurance

Protein in the form of powder mixture is an isolated protein from animal or vegetable products. Powdered protein allows getting a required amount of protein in the diet if, for some reason, it was not received with food.

For effective muscle mass growth sportsmen in training need to consume up to 2 gr of protein for every kg of own body weight. Similar proportion is desirable for those, who go slimming (as it lowers the fat ratio in the body). A number of scientific research proved that sufficient protein content in a deficit diet leads to fat loss while preserving more muscle. If there is a need to eat before exercise without overloading the digestive system and recuperate fast after training the protein cocktail may be the best answer. There is a variety of low calorie dishes rich in protein including baked ones on the basis of powdered protein. It also helps overcome dietary restrictions.

There are several types of protein. The serous protein contains a wide range of amino acids and is easily assimilated. It is perfect for taking after training helping the body to recuperate. Caseic protein is digested longer and provides the organism with amino acids over a long period. On top of that, the caseic protein effectively reduces appetite and works particularly well to burn fat.

Serous protein and casein are proteins of lactic origin. Milk whey albumins are digested faster than any other. Moreover, the amino acid formulas of whey proteins are very close to amino acid content of human muscle.

Casein is a compound protein resulting from fermented curdling of milk. Casein is digested slower thus keeping up a required level of amino acids in the body over a longer time.

There are dozens if not hundreds of research papers devoted to effects of long-term creatine intake that testify that regular lasting (over 5 years and more) intake of cratine is both safe and effective for a number of body functions.

As for today the products of Siberian Organic Nutrition are released in capsules and powder that are easy to take. Soon the product range will have snacks, sweet bars, sauces to various dishes and jams.

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